Fall & Spring Writing PromptsSDK016C.jpg

These prompts are meant to measure the baseline writing skills of incoming students in the fall and measure their growth in the spring. Please administer the fall prompt in September and enter the 6+1 Traits of Writing grades into Pearson by December. Please administer the spring prompt in May and enter it into Pearson by June 14th.

6+1 Traits of Writing Grading Rubrics
Use this rubric to grade fall and spring writing pieces:

Tips for Grading with 6+1 Rubric:
  • Students earn a '5' for example if they have MOST of the bullets under a 5; if they have some from '3' and some from '5' then give them a '4'

Which traits do I have to grade?
Teachers have to input scores for Ideas and Content, Organization and Sentence Fluency. While the other traits are considered optional, many teachers choose to score and input them to create a clear picture of how to match their writing instruction to student need. Another reason that some teachers are scoring additional traits is because the building is looking to gather additional data on other areas they see as concerns. - Michelle Harris

6+1 Traits of Writing Grading Rubrics A-B-C-D Grades
Use this rubric to grade other student writing pieces - give them ABCD feedback that MAKES SENSE! Then convert to points for Zangle!