Word Study (Words Their Way)

Words Their Way
WTW is a program to help kids learn spelling patterns. It is a differentiated program where kids are beginning in groups that meet their individual needs. A test at the beginning will help you determine your spelling abilities and how to form groups.

This is a general activity sheet that I use with students for Word Study.

This is a practice sheet that students use to sort their word list. I also use this sheet for the test.

The schedule I follow is bi-weekly. I run this Word Study program during my Readers' Workshop. While I'm meeting with groups, the rest of the class is either reading, or writing about reading in their Reader's Workshop letters.

Thursdays (alternating): Introduce new 'sorts'; students have the rest of Workshop time to work on required activities.
Wednesday following: Groups are tested - they must know which pattern the word fits into (proper column) and how to spell the word correctly.
Students have the following week 'off'

Word Masters
Word Masters can easily be introduced as an additional 'group' during Word Study or it can be added to your highest achievers (or students opting to take on the additional challenge).
Parent volunteers can be invited to take that 'group' during workshop as well.
At the end of the Word Masters program, students can easily fit back into their group.