ELA Resources

Find useful ELA Resources here - send them to Ellen and she'll post more great ideas we can all share!

"Talking Points" Bookmark
This is a document that you can copy 2 sided and cut down the middle to make a bookmark or reference tool for kids to
  • Chat about books
  • Book Club dialogue
  • reflect on books
  • post-it note passages
  • write about their reading

Reader's Workshop Letter
I use this format for students to write a letter to me once a month on a chapter book they have read during that month. I may direct them to a non-fiction book or a certain genre, but the choice of reading is generally up to them. See below for diagrammed letters with specific directions of what to include. I begin the year with a read-aloud and we practice writing a letter together to learn the expectations. The first independent letter is assigned for the end of October and every month thereafter. See the reflection options as well - these are provided to help students choose 3 different topics to reflect on in their letters.