SDK006C.jpgFountas & Pinnell Testing Tips, Q & As

F&P Testing Tips:
  • First Test (November) - NON-FICTION
  • Second Test (March) - FICTION
  • Third Test (June) - NON-FICTION
  • Students in 5th grade over letter 'T' do not have to read the selection out loud to you. You may, however, have them read you a paragraph after you question them to do a quick check for fluency.
  • For your 'at or above level' readers, borrow several books at the higher levels, have the kids read ahead and wait 'on-deck' to be called and questioned on their reading. This will save lots of time!

F&P Nugget Chart
Use this class list/chart to collect data on areas where students need improvement:

Please share any more tips you may have to make F&P testing smooth and efficient!
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If you need more copies of tests, please indicate what letters and how many and we'll get them to you!